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Infinity Pointe Executive Services is pleased to provide executive services for small non-profit organizations quickly, efficiently and economically. We work very hard to help you build your business label by providing the following services:

Incorporate Your Business

Education, spiritual and health care services providers may legally incorporate as a nonprofit corporation. Nonprofit corporations enjoy many more benefits than individuals and other corporations. It pays to incorporate your business and separate your business income from your personal income.

IPX Services incorporates nonprofit corporations in North Carolina because:

  1. You may operate your business from any state in the United States or any country in the world
  2. You may do business anywhere in the world
  3. You do not need to file an annual report with any state
  4. You may pay yourself, friends and your family as contract labor
  5. You may set up special benefits for the executive board, members, professional members and associate members
  6. You may need to file an IRS report if your corporation makes over Sixty-five Thousand Dollars in any one year
  7. You may create your association as a private association with a public education feature

Nonprofit Incorporation Services

Registered Agent Services

When you incorporate in any state where you do not reside, you will need the services of a registered agent for your corporation. See what we can do for you if you incorporate in North Carolina and operate your business in any state.

Registered Agent Services

Web Site Hosting Services

IPX Services provides unlimited web hosting services for $24.95 a month. Your hosting account provides you with unlimited storage memory, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email forwarding accounts, web mail, fast loading times and as many subdomains as you want. We accomodate both WordPress and DreamWeaver type websites.

Web Hosting Services

Outstanding Web Banners

IPX Banners offers beautiful banners for your website at a fraction of our normal pricing. Choose a banner, choose the color your want, and decide with name you want to appear on your banner.

Find A Really Beautiful Banner

Web Design Services

IPX Services uses the services of two outstanding web designers and we recommend both of them to you.

If you want to create a blog-style website in WordPress or one of the other database web building software programs, We recommend you speak with Melissa or visit her at IPXServices.org.

If you want to build a code-based website in DreamWeaver or any similar software, we recommend you speak with Dan or visit him at IPXServices.net.

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