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IPX Services incorporates nonprofit education organizations in the State of North Carolina that can operate in any state in the USA and service members residing anywhere in the world. These organizations can also operate in Canada.

As an employee of your own education association you may coach, demonstrate, edify, educate, empower, enlighten, guide, indoctrinate, inform, illuminate, lecture, mentor, teach, train and tutor your members and the public. You may also author, create, design, market, sell and write any educational materials of any kind.

We will obtain a web address for your nonprofit business as part of our services. You may build your own website or hire any web designers to build it for you. We sugest that you manage and update your own website rather than paying somebody to do that for you.

We obtain web addresses through Secret Registrations to protect your identity and your web address. This process eliminates 95%+ of the email, mail and telephone spam you can receive by owning a public or private organization.

We file your SS-4 for an EIN with the IRS and get it approved as a nonprofit.

Our Fees

Our fees for these services are $250.00 per educational organization. There are no additional fees.

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